TEAM14BD maintains the globally well, bold standards of social and environmental responsibility across its entire business operational processes.Starting from Selecting materials to designing, making and packaging our well organized product, we follow some standard approaches that ensure our business commitment to unparalleled quality and design for upholding the priority for customers’ satisfaction along with special care for social-economic risk responsibility as a responsible fashion brand.
Endeavors for innovation; improving product quality on a regular basis once needed and choosing best environmentally friendly approaches during product making processes are our main areas of focus.
TEAM14BD is established in Bangladesh, a developing nation with very few Global Branda in this sector, however, with a very high level contribution to Fashion business around the globe as Our Garments and Leather Sector workers sweat daily with a very limited pay-back.This is why, as a Global Brand, we dream for bright future with fair optimism to be flourishing and glowing around the globe as a well-like Fashion Business Brand in the days ahead to come.With some core business values commitment, Integrity, Honesty and Humanity We strive to go ahead for making the world better, more natural and lively with Our Slogan-” Live Live Lively” with TEAM14BD. Thus, we want to contribute to our poorest sections of our working class and pay them back at least for what they have done all through their lives for making Garments, Fashion Items and Leather Items for people around the world.
We always care about environmental issues and try to minimize the negative effects of the environment with our business and the circular chains of supply.

We are also committed to social responsibility,as repaying to the society that makes our rooms on earth for every individual. We are especially committed to help those who are marginalized ,poors,extremely disadvantaged and labor-class engaged in agriculture,fisheries and manufacturing. We uphold firm commitment to share one-fifth of our total profits with these people through sharing contributions to improving their living standard and making them and their children happier . We strive to contribute to the health of earth focusing on improving eco-friendly lifestyles through tree plantation and investing in agriculture and livestock’s. We desire to take special care for the environment, nature and Biodiversity through extending supports for improving production of the raw materials used in leather crafts and fashion items. To compensate for any remaining emissions from our direct operations and the entire supply chain, we sponsor different projects operated by different partners, investing in projects focused on conservation of ecological balance and restoring biodiversity

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